Interlocking Brick Making Machine in Guwahati

Interlocking Brick Making Machine in Guwahati

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Specification of Interlocking brick making machine in guwahati




700 pcs / Day

Power Required



Manufacture Concrete/Clay Interlocking Block



Block Size

10 x 5 x 4 /5 Inch



Interlocking brick making machine in guwahati

Interlocking brick making machine is a machine that is used in producing interlocking bricks. Bricks having unique characteristics that may be linked make up interlock bricks which are stronger than plain bricks. The latter demonstrates how two part bricks can be created using a two-part machine. The bricks become lighter and more water-resistant as a result.

The manual interlocking brick making machine requires a power source like an electric motor that is able to be operated manually. Prior to producing the bricks, the operator mixes the concrete or other components. The mixture is then poured into the moulds which are subsequently vibrated by the machine to disperse the material evenly. After the bricks have been cured for a while they are getting ready for application.

Businesses and individuals that want to produce their own bricks frequently choose interlocking double cavity brick making machines. They are relatively simple to use, reasonably inexpensive, and capable of producing a lot of bricks quickly.

Key features Interlocking brick making machine

Some of the essential characteristics of  double cavity Interlocking brick making machines are listed below:

High manufacturing capacity-> These machines can generate a lot of bricks quickly making them an economical choice for companies and people who need to make a lot of bricks.

Versatile-> These equipments are capable of producing a wide range of bricks including solid, hollow and interlock bricks. They are a flexible choice for a range of construction duties considering this.

Durable-> Highly durable components were used in the construction of these devices which are built to resist the rigors of regular operation. They are thus a dependable choice for organizations and people that require machines that will remain functional for many years.

Simple to use-> Even those who are unfamiliar with brickmaking may use these machines with ease. They are thus a fantastic choice for organizations and people who lack a lot of brick making skills.

Safe To use-> The operation of these machinery is made to be secure. They have safeguards that guard against injuries to the operator.

Automated vibration technology-> By ensuring that the concrete is spread uniformly throughout the moulds this technology produces bricks that are stronger and more consistent.

PLC control solution-> This system makes it simpler to operate and maintain the machine by allowing the operator to control its functions from a central console.

Hydraulic technology-> The hydraulic system powers the machine’s many parts including the vibration system and the mould lifting mechanism.

System of cooling-> This system aids in preventing overheating which can harm the machine’s components.

Uses of double cavity interlocking brick machine in Guwahati

A number of different kinds of bricks can be made using double cavity interlocking brick machine in Guwahati and it includes the following:

Interlocked bricks – These bricks have unique qualities that enable them to interlock making them stronger and more stable than conventional bricks. They are frequently employed for patios, walks and retaining walls.

Solid bricks – These bricks are extremely sturdy and long lasting since they are composed of solid concrete. They are frequently used for walls that bear loads and foundations.

Hollow bricks – These bricks are lighter and more water resistant due to their hollow cores. They are frequently utilized for partitions and walls that are not load bearing.

Bricks for pavers/Paving bricks  These bricks are intended for usage in patios, pathways and other outdoor spaces. Usually they come in a range of hues and textures and are frequently made of concrete or clay.

Special bricks – An interlocking double cavity brick making machine may produce a wide range of alternative sorts of bricks including recycled bricks and bricks with unique shapes or textures.

In accordance with the type of bricks being produced and the project being used interlocking double cavity brick making machines will have different applications. Conversely these tools are adaptable and can be utilized for a range of tasks related to construction. The following are some particular uses for interlocking double cavity brick making machines:

  • Retaining walls are structures used to hold back dirt or other resources. Due to the bricks ability to interlock to form a sturdy and secure structure they are frequently constructed with interlocking bricks.
  • Interlocking bricks are frequently used for pathways and patios because they can be simply placed to produce a wide range of designs. They are a wonderful option for outdoor usage as they are also water-resistant.
  • These were also use to build to walls that carry the weight of a building which are called as load-bearing walls. Since solid bricks are so sturdy and long-lasting, they are frequently constructed from them.

The interlocking double cavity brick making machine is flexible and is very practical for a variety of construction applications. There is lot of variety of projects that can easily be built with them because they are an inexpensive way to produce strong and long lasting bricks.

Working of Double Cavity Interlocking brick machine in Guwahati

A manual double cavity Interlocking brick making machine is a machine that is used to produce interlocking bricks.  Compared to conventional bricks, these bricks are stronger and more durable since they are constructed of concrete or cement and feature two cavities in them.

The manual interlocking brick making machine machine vibrates the mixture once it has been placed in the mould to get rid of any air bubbles. Additionally, the vibration aids in compacting the mixture which helps in strengthening the bricks.

The machine opens the mould after vibrating the mixture and releasing the bricks. After which the bricks are allowed to dry for a few days before being put to use.

The procedure for operating a manual double cavity interlocking brick making machine is as follows:

  • Mix the water and other additions with the cement or concrete.
  • Fill the machine’s mould with the mixture.
  • Compact the mixture and vibrate it to remove air bubbles.
  • Bricks can be ejected by opening the mould.
  • Leave the bricks a few days to dry.

A single individual can use the machine as it is relatively very simple to use. Interlocking bricks are nowadays becoming more and more well liked due to their sturdiness and endurance are easily made using this method at a reasonable price.


The double cavity Interlocking brick making machine is a highly effective and adaptable instrument for the creation of interlocking bricks. A few advantages provided are enhanced brick quality, lower labour costs and increased production. This machine is a useful equipment for various sized construction tasks because it uses its dual cavity design to enable faster production rates.

The interlocking design of the interlocking bricks created by this machine also gives them exceptional structural integrity and stability and thus increasing their resilience against seismic pressures and environmental wear and tear. By using less mortar and enhancing thermal insulation this not only increases a structures resilience but also encourages environmentally friendly building techniques.

Additionally the interlocking brick technologies pushed by this device has the potential to encourage environmentally friendly building by lowering the use of ordinary bricks and the resulting adverse environmental impacts.