Egg Laying Brick Machine in Guwahati

Egg Laying Brick Machine in Guwahati

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Specification of Egg Laying Brick Machine in Guwahati






500-1000 Blocks per hour

Block Type

Solid block / Hollow Block

Brick Type



Hydraulic Pressure

Vibro Motor 2 Nos

3ph (440v)

Hydraulic Pump Motor

5hp, 3ph (440v)

Travel Motor

1 HP, 3ph (440v)

Machine Weight

1750kg (approx.)

Cubic Space Occupied By The Machine

2100 x 1275 x 1750 mm (approx.)

400 x 200 x 200 mm

8 Blocks Per Cycle

400 x 200 x 150 mm

10 Blocks Per Cycle

400 x 200 x 100 mm

16 Blocks Per Cycle

200 x 100 x 90 mm

20 Blocks Per Cycle






4800 Blocks


Hydraulic Pressure

Block Type


No. Of Operations

50 – 60 per hour

Vibro Motor 2 Nos

2hp, 440v, 3ph

Hydraulic Pump Motor

5hp, 440v, 3ph

Travel Motor

0.5hp, 440v, 3ph

Machine Weight

1500kg (approx.)

Power Required

5 HP

Cubic Space

1700 x 1275 x 1700 MM

400 X 200 X 200 mm

4 Per Cycle

400 X 200 X 150 mm

5 Per Cycle

400 X 200 X 100 mm

8 Per Cycle

400 X 200 X 100 MM

0.5hp, 440v, 3ph

Pavers Upto

14 Per Cycle

Egg Laying Brick Making Machine in Guwahati

An Egg Laying Brick Machine in Guwahati is a specialized machine which is used in construction to make concrete blocks or bricks. It has a unique features in which the machine moves over the newly created concrete mixture in a way similar to how a hen moves over her eggs as she lays them. That is why it is called as Egg Laying Machine

Working of Egg Laying Brick Machine in Guwahati

Overview of how an egg laying brick making machine works are given bellow –

Preparation – Mix cement, sand, and water to make a concrete mixture.

Loading – Put the concrete mixture into the concrete mixer machine drum.

Moulding – The machine has mould that shape the concrete into bricks or blocks.

Compression – The machine compresses and compacts the concrete in the moulds forma.

Vibration – We have to use vibration sometimes to remove air bubbles and ensure dense of the bricks and blocks.

Removal – The machine moves and lays the bricks and blocks on the ground as it goes.

Stacking – Freshly made bricks and blocks are stacked for further curing and drying.

Packing – Once fully cured, bricks and blocks are packed for transportation to construction sites.

Egg laying concrete block making machines are very efficient and produce bricks or blocks quickly. They come in different sizes and can make various sizes and shapes to fit to your construction needs.

Features of Egg Laying Brick Machine in Guwahati

The five key features of an Egg Laying Brick Machine in Guwahati are given bellow – :

On-Site Mobility  – By producing bricks at places of construction, this machinery may be transported there for less money.

Hollow Block Specialization  – This machine is designed to make hollow concrete blocks which are lighter and often used in construction.\

Size Variation – They give you the flexibility to change block sizes to meet the needs of a particular project.

High Efficiency – Able to quickly produce a lot of blocks making them suitable for big projects.

Durability and Low Maintenance  – This Machine is designed for easy maintenance and built to deal with the harsh conditions seen on construction sites, ensuring a long working life.

Uses of Egg laying block making machine in Guwahati

In the construction sector, egg laying concrete block manufacturing machines are very crucial tools. Their main goal is to make several kinds of concrete blocks, such as solid, hollow, interlocking, and paver blocks.

Their capacity to produce these blocks on-site reduces the need to transfer already prepared blocks, lowering transportation costs and reducing storage needs. This is one of their primary benefits.

These machines are adaptable and enable the customization of block sizes, shapes, and colors to suit particular project requirements. Additionally, they increase labour productivity because they only function with a small team, putting less physical pressure on employees.

They are an increasingly popular choice for construction projects all around the world due to their affordability, durability, simplicity of use, and speedy block production.

Additionally, by lowering the environmental effect of block transportation, their utilization promotes environmental sustainability. Overall, egg-laying concrete block making machines are essential instruments for the construction industry, providing several advantages that improve the effectiveness and quality of building.

What Make Egg laying block making machine unique?

Egg laying block making machines are remarkable equipment in the construction sector, recognized for their distinctive qualities and capacities. What makes them unique is their capacity to manufacture bricks onsite, doing away with the need to carry already prepared bricks. This unique quality offers a number of noteworthy benefits.

First and foremost, Onsite production is an evolution. It reduces the need for considerable storage space and cuts down on transportation costs, which can be particularly useful for distant or sizable building projects. Since the bricks are produced on-site, there are less logistical issues and the construction process moves more quickly.

Versatility is another distinguishing quality. Bricks of all shapes and sizes, including pavers, hollow bricks, interlocking bricks, and solid bricks, can be produced by egg-laying machines. They are suitable for a variety of construction applications due to their versatility, which enables builders to meet the requirements of individual projects.

Another plus is less labour required. Because of their simplicity, these devices require less technical expertise to use. As a result, they help to reduce the need for labour, which can be beneficial in areas with a manpower shortage or high labour expenses.

A further advantage is cost-effectiveness. Cost reductions are produced via on-site production and lower labour demands. Egg laying brick machines are a wise economical choice since they may drastically reduce labour costs and project budgets by eliminating brick transportation charges.

These tools provide customization, enabling the manufacturing of bricks in various sizes, shapes, and colors. This versatility enables contractors to satisfy certain design preferences and project specifications, improving the building’s overall appearance and functionality.

Brick machines that lay eggs are also renowned for being effective. Compared to conventional brick-making techniques, they can make bricks quickly, speeding up building.

The bricks themselves are strong and long-lasting meeting industry standards for such qualities. This guarantees the durability and longevity of structures constructed with these bricks, providing value and dependability to both builders and property owners.

Finally, this device is special because of how simple it is to operate and maintain. Its effective operation and upkeep may be performed by users with little training, which lowers the level of expertise needed for block creation. Its strong structure also guarantees endurance and durability, adding to its overall value.


The egg laying block manufacturing machine is a great asset in the construction sector due to its exceptional mix of operational efficiency, versatility, mobility, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendliness. It is an important equipment for construction projects of all sizes due to its capacity to generate numerous types of blocks locally and it’s saving money characteristics.