Brick Making Machine in Meghalaya at Best Deals

We are a dominant manufacturer, supplier, and Trader of Brick Making Machine in Meghalaya, India. Our product line comprises concrete mixers, brick making machines, manual brick making machines in Meghalaya, Semi automatic brick making machine in Shillong and Automatic brick making machine in Meghalaya. With years of industry experience and extensive industry knowledge, Lotus Traders provides a high-quality range of construction equipment and materials at a very reasonable price.  we distribute and supply all of these machines in the Entire northeastern states.

3 Types Of Brick Making Machine in Meghalaya

Manual brick making machine

Semi-Automatic brick making machine

automatic brick making machine in guwahati

Automatic brick making machine

Manual Brick Making Machine in Meghalaya

Manual brick making machine is a brick making tool which is operate with the help of manpower or labourers. This manual brick machines are lower at cost than the automatic or semi-automatic brick making machine because it doesn’t contain any electronic parts or components. This manual machines simply depends on the operator’s skill. The manual cement brick making machine can create different shape and size of brick by simply changing the mould forma.

Manual Brick Making Machine (4 cavity)

Interlocking Single Cavity Brick Machine

Interlocking Brick Making Machine in Guwahati

Interlocking Double kvt Brick Machine

Semi - Automatic Brick Making Machine in Meghalaya

Semi – Automatic Brick Making Machine used in the construction industry to make bricks or blocks referred to as a semi-automatic brick and block making machine in Shillong. For simultaneously moulding bricks or blocks, it often contains two cavities or moulds. The term “semi-automatic” refers to the fact that some manual labour is needed during the process, especially when loading materials and pulling out the produced bricks or blocks. The effective production of bricks and blocks for the purposes of construction can frequently be achieved with these types of machinery.

The manufacturing of brick and blocks is made simpler by these semi-automatic double cavity brick and block making machines which also increase productivity and effectiveness. Because they combine automation with manual work or labour-intensive jobs, they are ideal for small to medium-sized brick-making industries.

Hydraulic Brick Making Machine (2 cavity)

Egg Laying Brick Machine in Guwahati

Egg layer Brick Block Machine

Semi Automatic Brick Block Machine

3 in 1 Brick Machine

Automatic Brick Making Machine in Meghalaya

An automatic cavity brick making machine is a type of machine that is operated automatically with the use of electricity or automation. Designed for automatic production of bricks and blocks. cavity means that the container and different sizes or holes for storing raw materials such as soil, concrete and other building materials. 

The machine makes bricks at a time on each cycle automatically. Crafts includes filling out forms, mixing materials and flattening and compressing the material, leveling and ejecting the formed bricks automatically making it a practical option in various construction and community development contexts. This machines are more faster and efficient than manual brick making machines. 

They can produce thousands of bricks per hour making them ideal for large scale brick production. These machines are also easier to operate as they do not require any manual labour .They can customize the shape and size of the glass for the specific needs of the building. It can be said that this machine stands out as one of the best and most advanced solutions in the field of bricklaying in the construction sector in guwahati.

automatic brick making machine in guwahati

Automatic Brick Making Machine (4 cavity)

10 Cavity Automatic Brick Machine

6 kvt automatic Brick Machine